Tianjin district assists Gansu counties –

Tianjin’s Hedong district has helped two counties of inland province Gansu escape poverty.

Thanks to the coastal district’s all-out efforts, by the end of last year over 126,000 people in Diebu and Ning counties had gained per capita disposable income of over 8200 yuan.

A total of nearly 180 million yuan of assistance funds at the city and district levels and social donations of more than 25 million yuan were invested to boost the two local economies.

The district insists on carrying forward the positive local economic results by measures such as expanding industries’ scales, increasing production and adding selling channels.

A change to the model of Ning county’s pillar apple planting industry benefited over 384,000 households and lifted 9,472 households out of poverty.

Tianjin Tasly Group signed to buy the area’s Chinese herbal medicines with an annual output value of 8 million yuan.

Tianjin also buys 73 million yuan’s worth of consumable products from the aided counties.

Companies of the coastal city are encouraged by favorable policies to develop in these inland counties. What’s notable is that the district emphasizes recyclable and green economy, such as using biotechnology to convert human and animal waste into organic fertilizer.

Hundreds of civil servants and professionals were sent from the coastal district to work shoulder to shoulder with the counties’ impoverished villagers.

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