Food documentary whets appetite, warms heart –

The seafood noodles in East China’s coastal city Zhoushan. [Photo/]

As winter arrives, getting out of bed in the morning has become so much more challenging.

Yet, with Breakfast in China, a food documentary directed by Wang Shengzhi recently dropping its third season on streaming site Tencent Video, many viewers say they’ve become more motivated to wake up early so as to grab a hearty breakfast before kicking off the day.

Just like the first two seasons, viewers can journey across the country to taste as many as 30 types of popular breakfasts, ranging from the seafood noodles in East China’s coastal city Zhoushan and the beef small rice in Zhangye, Northwest China’s Gansu, to the pork chop sandwich and charcoal brewing coffee in Macao and the tofu pudding, or tofu brains in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang.

All dishes are sold by humble breakfast shops and stands around street corners.

Though each episode is about eight minutes long, it is widely praised for doing a great job in pairing mouthwatering scenes of a breakfast with heartwarming stories.

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